HOW TO CELEBRATE FIESTA, our culture post, Bohol Philippines


Celebrations in the Philippines are fun and have colorful decorations. In Bohol, there are many events when they celebrate fiesta in town and also there are lots of food stands to wait for customers to buy their foods. A fiesta is a religious and family festival. We show you our fiesta using pictures and description. May is fiesta month in Bohol. We invite you to come with us to see the fiesta. The word fiesta is a Spanish word, meaning an event, or religious festival marked by festivities or celebration or party.


My friends and I stopped at Calape Public Market to see the fiesta celebration of Saint Vincent Ferrer at Calape, Bohol. The Poblacion was filled with lots of people from other towns and places and their colorful banderitas up top makes you wanna catch a glimpse of how wonderful the feast is. 




We all know whenever there is a fiesta, Filipinos most likely invite you over to dig in, and eat food with complete strangers, even when you are just a tourist or not known from the place. That’s how hospitable and friendly the people are and how they tend to share the feast here. During fiesta, the family, will spend the entire night and early morning cooking food. Typical food includes Lechon (roasted pig, with a yummy crispy skin), and specialty of fish, and stews. There are also plenty of delicious desserts including Macaroni Salad or Fruit salad. A lot of effort goes into the preparation. Fiesta is almost as important to the Filipino as Christmas.



Now we have moved on to see the motocross probably 10 minutes of walking from the Public Market up to the event which is located at what they call Oval because it is an oval-shaped wide field enough to hold an event like this.



Look at how exciting to watch one of the racers showing off his flying move, a total nerve-wracking split second to see.


When the adrenaline rush of watching motocross hits us. We have to take the credit to Windy Hondanero by capturing the jump shot in-time despite the scorching heat.



The motocross was fun and enjoyable. We have to walk again going highway to catch a tricycle back to the Public Market. Gonna have us some whole lot of street foods and visit the church.



As we arrived, there were twice as many people than a while ago. The road was crowded by people and street vendors so the whole area of Calape Public Market had to be closed for all vehicles passing by.



Every time you visit a place, never forget to stop by to a church and thank the Lord for the wonderful treat. They call this one “Dagkot” derived from the local word that means “lighting a candle” where people lit the candle and pray.



After the Dagkot we went inside the church and took a moment from there. Calape Church has a stunning model. Its exterior design is kind of an ancient Roman type of church which captivates people who pass by. The inside of the church has a glance of a 90’s model which then rebuilt after an earthquake.



As much as we uncovered this cotton candy stall there was much food stands in front of Calape Church all the way to the Public Market. Apart from that, you can buy souvenirs and other local gifts.



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